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Jan 122014


A Trip To The Holy Land

The distinguished men in military uniforms marched quietly in two columns down the lighted hallway. Their highly polished shoes were barely making a sound on the soft carpet. A chorus of “Joy to the World” being sung in the background gave them an un-noticed entry. They came into the back of a larger room containing a crowd of people singing a Christmas carol. They were moving from the Christmas season and into the New Year. The distinguished men were maneuvering into seats on the back row that had been reserved just for them. The carol came to a stop and before the distinguished men could be seated, the man behind the podium spoke up and announced the presence of his friends and brothers on the back row of the room and asked that they approach the podium. The heads of the congregation turned, and the look of curiosity was clearly seen in their faces. Their eyes followed the men in their sharp looking uniforms as they moved to the front of the room.

The man behind the microphone was Sir Knight Robby Stokes, Music Director of Coastal Baptist Church, and a member of Damascus Commandery No. 2. He was introducing the Grand Commander and his entourage.  Sir Knight Robby invited Pastor Paul Steinbach to the podium for a presentation. The crowd was still wondering what was happening when the Imminent Grand Commander spoke. He let the crowd know that we were all members of the Masonic Fraternity and that the Commandery was the Christian portion of the York Rite Bodies. He explained that one of the main charities was the “Holy Land Pilgrimage”. The Pastor of Coastal Baptist Church had been awarded an educational trip to the Holy Land to assist him in his bible studies. He was being given a unique opportunity to walk where Jesus walked. To see landmarks that Christ saw and to visually see with his own eyes, what he had only seen in the written word or in pictures. This would be an asset to his future teachings and Coastal Baptist Church would reap the benefits of this experience.

Suddenly, the expression on the faces of the congregation changed to understanding of what a marvelous gift was presented this Christmas Season and what a wonderful way to start out a new and prosperous year. The congregation came to their feet with a hearty round of applause. This was indeed a great gift, not only for Pastor Paul, but for all of us.

I would personally like to thank Right Eminent Grand Commander Henry Adams and his entourage Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander Paul Friend and Eminent District Deputy Grand Commander Kurt Moraurer Sr.  Present from Damascus Commandery No. 2 were Eminent Commander Jimmy Dorsey, Eminent Commander Elect Of Corey D. Kosciuszko, Junior Warden Gilbert Porter.  Attending from Port St Lucie No 17 were James Green Past Commander, and Robert Eisenhardt   for taking the time to travel to Jacksonville and make this very special presentation.

One of our goals as Masons is to grow the fraternity. I am sure the vision of these fine men will be implanted in their memories forever. As Christians we are to spread the word. This charity will not only help us to spread the word, but improve how it will be delivered. This charity, more than any other, will reach more people, Masons and Non-Masons, than any other charity we have. I thank you for all your contributions in the past, present, and in the future I encourage you to double your efforts for a better tomorrow.


Respectfully Submitted

Sir Knight Robby Stokes

Damascus Commandery No. 2


Jan 122014

Tall Cedars Install, 12-13, & K.T. Christmas  Observ, 12-15-13 005

River City Forest No. 198, Tall Cedars of Lebanon Installs Officers for 2014

The new officers of River City Forest No. 198, Tall Cedars of Lebanon were installed in Jacksonville, Florida on December 13, 2013.  The Installing Officer was Lloyd J. Leinbaugh, PGTC No. 181, District Deputy Supreme Tall Cedar, District 5, of Powder Springs, Georgia.  Installed as Grand Tall Cedar of River City Forest No. 198, T.C.L. was William P. Goldwire, of Yulee, Florida.

Pictured here were a number of the officers and Brothers after the Installation.  Standing, from left to right, in the first row were: Corbin P. Elliott, PGTC; Morton Wolfson, Chaplain; Corey D. Kosciuszko, PGTC; Ernest W. Beeman, PP; Robert Gurney Atwell, PGTC; C. Robert Cooper, PGTC; Floyd C. Fields, Scribe; and Gilbert H. Porter, Sentinel.

Seen in the back row, on the dais, were from the left, Lloyd J. Leinbaugh, PGTC No. 181 in Atlanta, DDSTC, District 5, Installing Officer; Kolen Sawyer, Senior Deputy Grand Tall Cedar; William P. Goldwire, Grand Tall Cedar of River City Forest No. 198; and Steven Persinger, Junior Deputy Grand Tall Cedar of River City Forest No. 198.

Shown in the second picture were Installing Officer Lloyd J. Leinbaugh, PGTC No. 181, DDSTC, District 5, congratulating William P. Goldwire, new Grand Tall Cedar of River City Forest No. 198, on the right.

Tall Cedars Install, 12-13, & K.T. Christmas  Observ, 12-15-13 002


Jan 122014


Christmas Observance for Damascus & St. Augustine Commanderies

A Knight Templar Christmas Observance was held for Damascus Commandery No. 2 and St. Augustine Commandery No. 10, in Jacksonville on December 15, 2013.  A nice turnout of Sir Knights and Ladies attended.

Shown in the first picture were Sir Knights and Ladies seated around the cross of tables in the asylum.  Shown clockwise from left front, foot of the cross, were: Janet Mast, Paul James Mast, Gen., St. Augustine Commandery No. 10; Gilbert H. Porter, J.W., Damascus Commandery No. 2; Caroline Porter; Mary Jan e Hunt, J. B. Hunt, KYCH, Treasurer, St. Augustine York Rite Bodies; Wilmer T. Atwell, KYCH, Damascus No. 2; Donald Cooper our guest speaker; Mrs. Donald Cooper; Lady Clare Cooper, wife of C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PDDGC, Sec./ Rec. Jacksonville York Rite Bodies; Jimmy A. Dorsey, Em. Commander, Damascus No. 2, at head of cross; Thomas A. Olsen, C.G., Damascus No. 2; Kolen Sawyer, StB, Damascus No. 2; Glenn E. Chandler, P.C., St. Augustine No. 10; and standing, C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PDDGC, PGSwB, Sec./ Recorder of the Jacksonville York Rite Bodies.

Seen coming down the long table from the crossed tables, along the right were: Melissa Kosciuszko, Corey Kosciuszko, Gen., Damascus No. 2; Lady Diana Dorsey, wife of Jimmy Dorsey, E.C.; S. K. Henry Webb, Sentinel, appointed; Lady Jean Webb; Mrs. Eric Cole, and S. K. Eric Cole, SwB of Damascus Commandery No. 2.

Present and not shown, was Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, PDDGC, KCT, taking the picture.

A second picture shows the cheerful group standing, from the head of the cross.


Dec 012013

Damas Cmdy Ramsdell Trophy Comp Jax 11-12-13 646

Damascus Commandery Sir Knights & Visitors with Grand Officers at Ramsdell Competition

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Damascus Commandery No. 2, K. T. was visited by R. E. Grand Commander Henry A. Adams, Inspector General Ronald J. Bertie, and Deputy Inspector General John I. Gray, and was inspected for the Jesse E. Ramsdell Trophy.

Pictured here were the Commandery Sir Knights with the attending Grand Commandery Officers at the end of the evening after the competition.

Seated in the center of the first row was Henry A. Adams, Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Florida; and to his left, Ronald J. Bertie, REPGC, Inspector General; and to his left, John I. Gray, Deputy Inspector General (Districts 7 – 10).

Seated to Grand Commander Adam’s right was Jimmy A. Dorsey, Commander of Damascus Commandery No. 2; and to his right Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, PDDGC.  Seated at the far right end of the line, next to John Gray was Billy Collier, KYCH, PDDGC, Past Grand Sentinel.

The three Sir Knights standing in the first row, from left were: Leland E. Stanford, III, PDDGC; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, PDDGC, MEPGHP; and C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PDDGC, PGSwB.

Other Sir Knights recognized in the back rows, from left, were: Gilbert H. Porter, JW; Corey D. Kosciuszko, Gen.; Wilmer T. Atwell, KYCH; Kolen Sawyer, StB; Daniel Cooper, exemplar; Eric Cole, SwB; Tom Olsen, CG; Samuel Hope, PC; D. J. “Gunny” Wilkerson, SW; Christopher Lanham, Gd; LeRoy Zetrower, Charles Ronald Holland, Robert Pringle, Angel Moreno Fergusson, W; and Paul James Mast, CG.


Dec 012013

FLa Priory #60 KYCH + A. Jackson Camp, Heroes of '76, 10-27-13 217

Florida Priory No. 60, K.Y.C.H. Holds Conclave and Knights Five.

Florida Priory No. 60, Knights York Cross of Honour, held its Fall Conclave at the Jacksonville York Rite Temple on Saturday, October 26, 2013.  Five new Knights of the York Cross of Honour were knighted and received into Florida Priory No. 60, K.Y.C.H.

Pictured here in the first row, were the Prior of Florida Priory No. 60, Darry A. D’Angina, MEPGHP, and the new Knights welcomed into the Order.  Seated left to right, were: new Knights Wallace Grist, Randall Jesmok, and Lowell D. Crane; next Prior of Florida Priory No. 60, Darryl A. D’Angina, MEPGHP of the Grand Chapter; then new Knights: David B. Dillard and Sheldon R. Arpad, MEPGHP, MIPGM; and Eric B. West, E. Grand Generalissimo of the Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida.

Shown in the second row, from left to right were: Paul W. Friend, MIPGM, V.E. Deputy Grand Commander; Henry A. Adams, R.E. Grand Commander, Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida; Dayle L. Schrock, MIGM, Grand Council, R. & S. M. of Florida; James D. Dickenson, David A. Aponte, REPGC, Grand Prelate of the Grand Commandery K.T. of Florida; Harry A. Rosenthal, Jr., REPGC; Richard A. Wolfe, R. Ex. Grand Scribe, Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of FL; Robert R. Gagnon, Sec./Recorder St. Augustine Y.R. Bodies; C. Robert Cooper, Ex. Grand Captain of the Host, Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of FL; Harry V. Eisenberg, MD, Ex. Grand Master of the 3rd Veil, Grand Chapter, R.A.M., Dep. Inspector General, Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida.

Seen in the third row, from left were; Rusty Ludlam, P.P. (Missouri No. 17), Dist. Instructor #8, Grand Council R. & S. M. of Florida; and J. B. Hunt, Past Dist Deputy all Bodies.

Also present, but not pictured here were Robert E. Burleson, P.P., MIPGM, R.E. Past S.E. Dept. Commander, Grand Encampment, K.T. of the U.S.A.; Carl E. Gilmore, P.P., MIPGM, REPGC, Acting Registrar; and William G. Ellis, P.P., REPGC, K.T. of Florida.

Dec 012013

NE FL YR Coll 9-28, Heroes 76 VFW Midl 9-29, NE Soj. Dn 10-2-13 005

Northeast Florida York Rite College No. 114 Elevates a New Knight of York 

On September 28, 2013 in Jacksonville, Northeast Florida York Rite College No. 114 elevated and greeted Kolen Sawyer, a new Knight of York.  Companion Knight Sawyer is active in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine York Rite Bodies.

Pictured in the east after the Assembly were Companion Knight Sawyer with the officers and Companion Knights participating in the meeting and conferral of the Order.

Standing in the first row, left to right, were: Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP, PG, PDGG; Corey D. Kosciuszko DDGIM, Seneschal, N.E. FL Y.R. College No. 114; Howard Hudgins, DG, N.E. Florida Y. R. College No. 114; J. B. Hunt, KYCH, PDDGHP, PDDGIM, PDDGC; Governor of N.E. Florida Y.R. College No. 114; new Companion Knight Kolen Sawyer; William F. Ellis, PC; William H. Schrieber, P. Sec./Recorder, Gainesville Y.R. Bodies; C. Edward Constant, DDGHP, Sec., N.E. Florida Y. R. College No. 114; and Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP, Grand Historian of the Grand Chapter, R.A.M., I. Grand Steward, Grand Council R. & S. M., OPC, PG, N.E. Florida Y.R. College No. 114.

Seen in the back rows from left to right, were Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, OPC, PG; C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PGSWB, OPC, PG, R. E. Grand Capt. of the Host, Grand Chapter, R.A.M.; Alexander Constant, IM, Athelstan Council No. 46; Paul James Mast, EHP, St. Augustine Chapter No. 17, IM, St. Augustine Council No. 15; Robert Bullard, PDDGHP; Wiley Hart, Primate; Morton Wolfson, Christoher Lanham, Oscar Patterson, SW, St. Augustine Commandery No. 10; George E. Preston, Jr., KYCH, Sec./Recorder, Palatka Y. R. Bodies; and Edward Dunn, PDDGC.

Companion Knight William H. Schrieber, Gainesville, displays the Gold Honour Award certificate, with which he was presented earlier in the meeting, by Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP, OPC, PG of Northeast Florida Y. R. College No. 114.

Dec 012013

Jax S.E.M. Deg. 9-20-13 + Cmdry O.T. 9-21-13 009

Six New Sir Knights Knighted at Jacksonville York Rite Festival 

At the Jacksonville York Rite Festival on September 21, 2013, six new Companions were dubbed and knighted as new Sir Knights for the Grand Commandery of Florida.  The new Sir Knights represented Crusader Commandery No. 44 of Fernandina Beach, Damascus Commandery No. 2 of Jacksonville and Palatka Commandery No. 5, K. T. of Palatka.

The new Sir Knights are shown in the east with the Class Honoree after the Order of the Temple. Seated from the left were new Sir Knights Michael E. Mallek, Terry L. Dillard, Sr., and Monroe Royal; Class Honoree, Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP, Grand Historian of the Grand Chapter, R.A.M., Ill. Grand Steward of the Grand Council, R. & S.M.; and more new Sir Knights Scott Jenson, Robert J. “Bob” Pringle, Jr., and James Robert Rutledge.

Shown from left in the second row were: C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PGSWB, Sec./Recorder of the Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies; Samuel D. Hope, PC; J. B. Hunt, KYCH, PDDGC, Robert Gagnon, KYCH, Sec./Recorder St. Augustine Y. R. Bodies; Rusty Ludlum, Geno. Lake City Commandery No. 39; George E. Preston, KYCH, Sec./Recorder Palatka Y. R. Bodies; Dean White, EC, Palatka Commandery No. 5, and Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, KCT, PDDGC.

Seen, from left to right, in the back two rows were, Paul James Mast, CG, Palatka Commandery No. 5; Edward Dunn, PDDGC; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP, PDDGC, Kenneth E. Hinton, Jr., Wilmer T. Atwell, KYCH; William F. Ellis, PC; Donald G. Gay, D. J. “Gunny” Wilkerson, SW, Damascus No. 2; Alexander Constant, CG, Crusader No. 44; C. Edward Constant, Geno, Crusader No. 44; and Stephen  Urban, PC, Bristol Commandery No. 29, Attleboro, MA.

Participating in the Order, but not pictured here was Wm. Ronald Taylor, REPGC, Grand Commandery, K. T. of Florida.



Dec 012013

Jax S.E.M. Deg. 9-20-13 + Cmdry O.T. 9-21-13 005

Super Excellent Master Degree Conferred at Jacksonville Y. R. Festival 

The Cryptic District 7 Companions conferred the Super Excellent Master Degree on some 38   new Super Excellent Masters at the Jacksonville York Rite Festival on September 20, 2013.

The degree was conferred on six brand new Cryptic Companions receiving the other degrees and Orders of the York Rite at this Fall Festival—Scot R. Jensen, James Robert Rutledge, Terry L. Dillard, Michael E. Mallek, Robert J. “Bob” Pringle and Monroe Royal—plus also many other Companions who had not witnessed the S. E. M. Degree before.

Pictured here were many of the Companions who witnessed the degree, plus a number of the officers and cast which conferred the degree (some in costumes).  Among those working in the degree, were Corey D. Kosciuszko, RIDDGM, District 7; Jimmy A. Dorsey, DM; Frank E. Kleese, RWPDDGM; Brian Poole, R. R. Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Florida, Sec./Recorder of the Lake City Y. R. Bodies; William P. Goldwire, KYCH, Sec. /Recorder of the Fernandina Beach Y. R. Bodies; Gilbert H. Porter, C.G.; Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, PDDGIM; Thomas A. Olsen, PCW;  William McClean, Stephen Urban, Steve Haines, C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, Sec./Recorder of the  Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies; Eric Cole, Chaplain; J. B. Hunt, KYCH, PDDGIM; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Kolen Sawyer, C.C.; Paul James Mast, IM, St. Augustine Council No. 15; Mark Balester, D. J. “Gunny” Wilkerson, IM, Hallmark Council No. 3; and Logan Miano.